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I obtain BSOD upon turning on my computer, but if I'm lucky I wouldn't get it but I would get a Windows explorer error then restart error restart. I got a temporary fix which is to turn on my computer and turning it off when it hits the motherboard details screen and turn it back on which causes my computer to have no problems at all. I don't know what is the issue, but I have all the drivers updated. And if u guys could, can u tell me how to stop my computer from automatically restarting when it hits the bsod?
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  1. Hmm, can you list your computer specs/ model number, computer age, and the BSOD error message?

    These will help alot as without it, We can give a thousand answers and there would be a high chance not a single answer being right.
  2. My Specs are exactly the ones I chose for the best answer in this link.

    Age about 2 months, I'm not sure what the BSOD's but next time ill write it down, but what do I write down? there's so much.
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