2 HD on one computer.

I upgraded my dads HD awhile back he had a 500gb one now I put in a 2TB one and it runs fine.

My question is to hook up the old 500gb hard drive and have it be recognize under my computer how do I do that?

Currently when I put in the old HD there is no sign of it.. I go into Bios and it dose not show up I only see the 1 2TB HD being recognized how do I get the old drive to be used and recognized?
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    The extra SATA port may not be enabled. Find out which one isn't, in the BIOS, and enable it (there's usually a setting for it somewhere in there).

    It's also advisable to put the drives in sequential SATA slots: SATA0 and SATA1 for hard drives, SATA2 and up for whatever else. It's not a requirement but it works the bus less.
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