where can I buy one of these?
seems they are hard to find..

the ones I did find are on backorder?
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  1. how well would this work with 2 lcd's?
  2. why are these cards out of stock in many online resellers?
  3. These will push 3 x 1920x1200 displays very well.
    Many people want these, so they are often sold out.
  4. They are the most powerfull cards on the market right now and ATI dose not make so many of them at one time because they cost so much/ demand is unpredictable.

    The 5970 will work with up to 3 monitors. What sorts of things do to need such a powerful card for?
  5. hardcore gaming...as a gift from my brother in law who said hed buy me one as a grad school graduation gift :)
  6. besides amazon, newegg, any other places where I can find one?
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