Best kits for water cooling?

It doesn't necessary have to be a kit, just good parts. I want to cool my CPU and my graphics card.

CPU: intel i7 3770k

Graphics card: evga 680 classified

Case: Obsidian 650D

Also: I'm new to water cooling, so can you also suggest how I should set it up, as in, reservoir to pump to CPU and so on
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  1. samander95 said:

    I don't really want a closed loop like that. I want to have a custom loop for water cooling, because I also have to cool my graphics card.
  2. Maybe a raystorm D5 kit, along with another rad and a GPU waterblock
  3. There is a list of beginner kits in the watercooling sticky:


    You will also need the GPU block, addition tubing and fittings. You will also need to calculate the radiator space needed when including a GPU to determine if you need to add more or alter your initial component selection.

    Of course, you can simply build a loop with the components you wish.
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