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I'm gonna be upgrading my CPU to a Phenom II 965 BE and want to get it to 4-4.2GHz. Could a Hyper 212 EVO and MX4 Thermal Paste get it there? Or could even a Hyper TX3 get it there with comfortable temps? Thanks :whistle:
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  1. The hyper 212+ is the better choice for that overclock, and will do the job for what you want
  2. The 212 + has notoriously had issues with gaps between heat pipes. the 212 EVO is 5$ more and worth the 5$ imo.

    Not sure about the compatibility with your processor, but I would spend the 5$ more if it works for your chip.
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    The gaps issue is easily fixed with the proper use of thermal paste. The EVO does have better "reviews" on the gap issue though as Adroid said.

    I do however suggest if you're wanting the best performance out of the 212, buy two good fans for it and run them in push/pull. I switched my stock fan to a pair of Silverstone FM121 110CFM fans and gained quite a bit of performance out of it and the temperature difference at extremely low rpm is so much better.

    The stock fan works great, but adding better fans just makes it even more potent. I would imagine you'd get into that range but it really depends on the chip itself. If you have to start dumping a LOT of voltage to it to reach those speeds; even water cooling wouldn't help with that issue. So I say go with the 212+, the stock paste is almost, if not as good as, MX4 and make sure to view up some videos of proper application of the paste with the 212. Once you get there, I'd just start rolling the clock and hoping you won the chip lottery and got a nice chip that will do even more than you imagined.
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  5. Thanks for all the wonderful replies! In another thread, I was told performance will not be much better if I get a Phenom II and overclock it. So instead I am buying a 128GB SSD and will eventually buy a Hyper 212 EVO so I can further overclock my FX 4100, to maybe 4.8GHz. Also, anyone know if an M4 or Vertex 4 would be better?
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