Nvidia Graphic card with Amd-Processor

Is there some kind incompatibility when using an AMD processor with an Nvidia Graphic Card?
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  1. no
  2. Nope, a single card(ATI or nVidia) will work fine with any processor(AMD or Intel) its just that dual card setups require specific chipsets and there are no good chipsets for AMD CPUs that support SLI.
  3. What guy above said + one more note. You can't use ati graphics for 3d and nvidia graphics for physix anymore. Has nothing to do with amd cpu, but is still amd-nvidia compatibility.
  4. You can actually. Just not with the current standard drivers.
  5. Thank you!
  6. They couldn't get away with that.
    Some time ago I wondered the same thing when I had an ATi R420 chipset and I wanted to use my Nvidia 7600GT.
    Everything agreed and there was no war with the camps involved so I suppose a truce is in effect as long as it's just a chipset.
    Careful about those chipset drivers in the 'add/remove programs' list though...they may be a bit fickle if uninstalled.
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