Help with beeping!!!

Okay so with the help of all you great people I built my first PC a few months ago but now I am running into a problem

I hadn't used my PC in about a week and I turned it on today to load up Bad Company 2 and now I get beeps from my Mobo. It has 3 quick beeps that occur about every 2 minutes while the computer is on. Everything still seems to run it just beeps. I tried to look online and found that this is usually a RAM or video card memory issue. I tried reseating both and it didnt help.

PS while writing this it had a 3 beep and a 2 beep like 2 minutes apart.

Anyone have any help for me?

It is a P55-UD3r i5-750 OCed to 3.6GHz and passed all stress tests for 12hrs. At this OC my RAM is running at 1440 and it is the GSkill 1600MHz CL7. I have it set at the recommended 1.65V and 7-8-7 24. I tried backing it off to 8-8-8 but this didnt help either.

My video card is a 5850 which I had OCed to the max that CCC would allow and it has always run fine and passed every test. I set it back to stock and this didnt help either.

Any ideas or help would be great.
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  1. I would check if a failing battery on the mobo could cause this? Just a thought, i dont know.
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    Try swapping out video card/ram with other spare parts if you have any available (I'm assuming you don't since this is your first build), or try removing one at a time.

    Remove the video card and see if the computer will boot. Granted you won't be able to see anything, but if the computer boots fine (as far as you can tell) then you know it is a problem with your video card.

    Try each ram stick by it self, with and without the video card.

    You can also try booting with neither ram nor a gpu but you won't be able to get past POST because you cannot boot without Ram! The only thing you'll here is a different beep code. If it's the same beep code, there's a possible defect in your motherboard or another component. Look in your motherboard manual or on the internet for a guide indicating what beep codes indicate.

    Lastly, you can reset your CMOS and BIOS settings completely. People with your motherboard have posted a different sort of problem but with the same motherboard in the past - the problem was remedied, at least temporarily, by removing the CMOS battery for about 30 minutes.
  3. What are your current idle/load CPU and GPU temps?
  4. shortstuff_mt said:
    What are your current idle/load CPU and GPU temps?

    My cpu temps are like 20C at idle and 45C under full load and my GPU maxed at 70C. This is with them set at factory settings and no OC.

    I finally got it to stop. I tried reseating RAM and using one stick at a time in each slot and tried no video card and that didnt fix it. I then cleared the CMOS by pulling the battery for like 30 minutes and this didnt work at first but after booting to windows and running a few programs and Prime95 the problem went away. The beeping became more rampant and less periodic but it was crazy I could not even tell how many beeps it actually was.

    Thanks for all your help everyone, I hope this problem doesnt come back.
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