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Just built a new tower - nothing great antec case msi k-9mmv board, 3500 sempron, 2 gig crucial 800 ddr2, 80 gig seagate sata and asus dvd-rw dl and dvd rom sata drives. Just bought a new 20 inch samsung lcd with dvi and traded for a agp card. It's a asus card but i have no way to find the model # for it. the only numbers on it are 2 sets
#1 4acairoo41 and
#2 80 civdgp e0a01 or i

CAN ANYONE HELP ME ????? it has a dvi s-video and rgb connection
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    That little app should tell you all you need to know ;)
  2. didn't work 4 me no validation #
  3. I see what you are doing, the link you needed was at the page bottom.

    Here, try this:


    and ckick one of the "techPowerUp! FR-1" type links and try that out ;)
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