Will this VGA water cooling block be compatible?

I have a evga gtx 680 classified 4gb. Will this water block work: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/16739/ex-blc-1192/Aquacomputer_aquagraFX_680_GTX_Full_Coverage_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_Nickel_Plated_23541.html?tl=g30c311s1631#blank

The only reason I'm not sure is because it says its for a 2gb 680 classified and mines 4gb so not sure if there's any difference with the water block for a 2gb and a 4gb

So will it work?
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  1. Send an email to EVGA asking for a compatibility list on that card.

    I suspect there wont be any compataible, as 4GB of VRAm would require a custom PCB and so its possible not compatible with any blocks.
  2. Wouldn't necessary mean custom PCB, could just use double-density RAM modules than the 2gb version uses.

    What is the EVGA product code for the card? Check it against CoolingConfigurator.com

    Edit: There is only one EVGA 680 Classified 4GB on that site (non-reference PCB) and looks like EK isn't making a full-cover block for it, but there is a 2gb version that is reference PCB.

    I think you are out of luck finding a block for that card unless EVGA has a Hydrocopper version you can buy.
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