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No beep with ram

I have a new build that will not POST. I RMA'd the motherboard and got what Asus calls a 'known good board'. I also RMA'd the memory as the gskill memory would not work with my board due to an issue with the timings. The brand new Kingston memory has been confirmed to work with this model MoBo, but I am encountering the same issue I had before.

Case 1: No memory
POST CODE: One long beep, two short (correct for no memory)

Case 2: No video card
POST CODE: No code

Case 3: All 3 memory sticks in
POST CODE: No code

Cases 4-22: One stick in each slot
POST CODE: No code

I spoke with an ASUS tech who told me that this could be caused by one of three situations:

1. All three memory dimms are bad
2. The 'known good motherboard' is bad
3. The memory controller on the CPU is bad

He suggested that I test the build with a new CPU. Barring that all he could offer was a new RMA.

What should I do to get this PC up and running?
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    Welcome, Newcomer. Please take a moment, if you haven't already, to work through the standard troubleshooting guide we have. This guide is designed for "no boot" and/or "no display" issues. The link to the guide is in my signature.

    Note that toward the bottom of the troubleshooting guide, there is a link to jsc's breadbording guide. Breadboarding helps you find a short circuit problem within the case.
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