New fans for a h60

Cougar CF-V12H Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing 120mm Orange is this good for a h60 or these,-42.58cfm(max),-noise-level-19.7-dba
and i have a aero cool shark fans blown out the hot air
which ones would u pick
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  1. Neither URL is taking me to an actual product page.
  2. I have the first SilverStone AP fan(AP121) the new ones pushes a bit more air, but a lower pressure. At the time 1 NF-P12 was better then 1 AP121 on my heatsink.

    The new AP122 looks like SilverStone's stock(FT03 fans) 120mm fans(made by Globe IIRC) with the AP grille added to it. They are not bad fan, I have 3 of those an they seem to work OK with decent noise levels. Again, some of Noctua's fans are better, but at a price.

    The Cougar(but I have not used them, keep an eye out, they come on sale) is rated at more CFM and higher pressure. Both good things for a RAD.
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    Just as a suggestion, Noctua makes great fans, quiet and powerful, a little more spendy than most though.
  4. ok i which one will give better temps and better flow thought the rad
  5. For Noctua.

    NF-P12(The P is for pressure :) ) had always been my goto fan, but they have some new ones out like the NF F12. Both come in a 4 pin PWM version(IE NF-P12-PWM).

    Do not use the NF-S12 on a rad as it has very little pressure. It is a low noise/pressure slightly higher CFM fan.

    Of your 2 options, I am willing to bet the Cougar will be better

    Ohh and the H60 is not that thick, almost any 2 fans should be able to tackle it :)
  6. so u think the cougar fan will be better to get and will it lower my temps a bit because i have my cpu oc to 3.4 and it summer here and my temps are 40c idle and load is 53c
  7. 53 at load is not that hot to be honest.

    Does your cpu fan crank up to its full ~1700rpm speed?
  8. Anandtech tested exactly this for the H80. Should be a good reference for your H60. If your stock fan still works, it looks like it is still one of the better options.
  9. yea i know i can get it up to 3.8 idle 45 idle -load is 57c-58c and i found this and the cougar fans are 19 but plus 12 postage which adds up to 31 dollars
  10. nukemaster said:
    53 at load is not that hot to be honest.

    Does your cpu fan crank up to its full ~1700rpm speed?

    i dont have a fan contoler
  11. should get one and crank my fans upto a higher speed
  12. If the fan is connected to your board, you should be able to use the bios to turn OFF any speed control. Some bios fan control setups also have the option to change how soon the fan ramps up.

    Get HWmon and see what speed things are running at now.
  13. what are the fan speeds. I see one at 99% is your cpu fan running full out already?

    I am also noticing you have power savings turned off?
  14. yea i turned it off because of my overclock and i think my aero is at 100%
  15. You do not always have to run off power savings. Depending on your overclock/board you can keep it on in many cases.

    That would explain your higher Idle temps.

    As it sits, I do not think you actually need a new fan(s) as your idles are just high from a lack of power savings. While you can get a temperature reduction, If do not think your temps are high enough to worry.

    What is your clock speed anyway?
  16. would it still be ok to get a fan controler
  17. You can use a fan controller, but it is far more easy you just connect the fans to the power supply of a non controlled header on the board if you just want full speed.

    That is one good clock for a 955 cpu. I never pushed a 955 past 1.4 volts.
  18. i can get my 3.8 at 1.4 volts
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