Can i crossfire 5770 with 600 PSU?

currently i have ati 5770, core i5 750, 4gig ram with ASRock P55 Extreme LGA 1156 mobo.


all are running at stock speed, not overclocking and running most games at high settings, however im thinking about getting another 5770 to get better performance in games and i have a 600 PSU, so can it handle both of these 5770 ? or i should be looking to get another PSU?

these cards are very efficient, temps are very low with good performance in games, but does it require more than 600 for crossfire? if yes then thank you, if no then lie to me and make my day.
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  1. Easily.

    Under typical gaming it consumes about 62w of power. Using FurMark to totally stress the card increases power consumption to around 81w. That works out to 124w and 162w respectively for two HD 5770s.

    The rest of your system does not consume too much power either.
  2. So your saying that I can crossfire with 0 problems? And still have headroom to overclock as well?
  3. Yes, you can crossfire with 0 Problems. The minimum for the 5770s is 550w, I am doing fine on my 650W you should do fine on your 600W. That is completely capable for 2x 5770s. (I Own two as well).
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