Ati radeon 4870 issues

I just recently purchased a new ati radeon 4870 video card. I bought a new 500w power supply to run it.I downloaded the latest driver for it. When I try to run my pc games, it crashes and gives me a blue screen, reboots, and gives an error message that doesn't tell me anything I need to know. I have since tried 3 different other drivers and nothing made a difference. It is not overheating and I am Strongly sure that it is not a compatability issue, as I have a powerful PC. I have tried everytihng I could find and have nowhere else to turn.All cables are connected properly. Also the card was used when i got it, but in perfect condition when i got it so I doubt that is te issue. If anyone has anything that might work I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Here is what I am running on:

Dell XPS 420
ATI Radeon 4870 video card
Earthwatt 500w power supply
22inch flat screen HD monitor
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  1. Can you try your old card again? If it works, there might be something wrong with the 4870. You can try it on another computer if possible.
  2. It works fine on everything except games. When I start them, it will run for a minute or so then crash. It's not the card, but i have not clue what it IS.
  3. the only way to make it sure is try your card on another computer...
  4. Does the problems always appear at the same spot when loading or playing a game?

    if so, it's probably a software issue. If it occurs somewhat randomly, then it's probably a hardware issue.
  5. No its not overheating. And yes it does occur randomly, although always very soon after starting the game. If such is the case, how would I deal with this hardware issue?
  6. And I can't try it on another computer because mine is the only one in the house with a 500watt power supply. It wouls be way too much trouble to move both items to another console, so I prefer to exhaust all other options first.
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