Thermal paste application/removal question

Hi, I'm wondering if it's ok or not to apply any pressure on the cpu when removing and applying thermal pastes. I've seen many tutorial and guides but none of them said anything about this. Thanks in advance
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  1. Why would you need to?

    Only the heatsink you be tightened down for pressure evenly.

    When cleaning it up you don't want to be too rough.
  2. I meant if little bit of pressure will be ok as in any accidental light pushes will be ok or not. Thanks for the reply though
  3. You shouldn't ever touch it with your hands EVER.

    You could just kill the chip with static and you will put the oil from your fingers on it
  4. yea I know I meant while removing or applying thermal paste with paper towel, coffee filter etc any accidental pushes on the cpu will be ok or should I take the cpu out while removing and applying
  5. As long as it's not extreme force in one are it will be fine. It shouldn't be an issue if your careful.
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