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I have a 4670 that I have not unpackeged yet. The new 5570 looks better on paper, but does it offer me anything graphically that the 4670 does not. Iam not ineterested in dts audio or eyefinity at the moment. This if or an htpc. Will the 5570 do a better job of upscaling lesser video. What about the 5670 or 5750.
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  1. I would think that HD audio bitstreaming should be a strong incentive to get a 5570 for an HTPC. The performance of the 5570 may not be any greater than that of the 4670, but don't forget that it run cooler and quieter (because it draws less power), and comes in a low-profile flavor.

    Also, according to this post, the HD 5570 is the "perfect" HTPC card.
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    The 5450 is the perfect HTPC card, as it only struggles at 2560x1600.
    You're not going over 1920x1080 (Blu-ray, Full HD).
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