Hey guys. Ive been searching for parts to upgrade from by dell vostro 220s. On newegg i have found the a gigabyte mobo . In the description its states that the memory standard is ddr2 1066/1200. I plan on using the 800mhz crucial ram from the dell and am wondering if it will work in the 1066/1200 slot. Thanks
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  1. Welcome Newcomer. Yes, using 800 MHz DDR2 will work. The mobo in question supports up to 1200. I am curious though, are you planning on using the Dell case with the new mobo? If so, you may find it difficult. I'm not entirely certain, but for all of the other Dell (and other prefab manufacturers) towers I've seen, the front panel connector is proprietary. This means that the front panel devices (power switch, reset, etc.) were wired into a unique connector that will fit the motherboard already installed. In other words, you can replace the motherboard if you are replacing it with the same make/model/revision (this may be arguable).
  2. thanks for the help I plan on buying a NZXT m59 case, a 500watt psu, an evga gts 450, and that motherboard and using the existing hard drive, RAM, and cd drive from the dell.
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