Suggestions For buying new pc

I am planning to take a new pc for my home. So, which one you would recommend me to go with?
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  1. If you're posting here, you know the answer.

    Build your own.
  2. Use the How to ask for advise link in my sig and edit your first post with the info needed there.
  3. If you build it, it will game.

    If you're not going to game, then just go to Best Buy and get something in your price range. Don't fall for their Geekquad service either. That's how they really make their money after all since their margins are so low especially on sub $600 PCs and Laptops.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. cisco, I really do not want to be insulting, but asking a builder forum what PC to buy ...
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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