Nforce 680i / RAM Problem

Hello everyone, I have recently encountered a problem that I am not able to solve myself. Hopefully someone on these forums can assist me.

Last night, my computer was running perfectly normal, no issues what so ever. Before heading off to bed, I shut it down like I normally do. This morning though, I went to turn it on, and left it to do it's thing. I came back and seen it was still trying to boot. I was gone for about 2 minutes, and it has never taken that long to boot.

So I sat there and watched it, suddenly I seen a blue screen flashed at me, and it begin to reboot again. My first thought was perhaps my new hard drive was going bad on me. As the drive is only about a week old, but had been working fine. I tried to reboot it, this time it made it to my desktop, then gave me another quick blue screen flash. Only this time, instead of trying to reboot. It hung on a black screen, and then the motherboard began an error beep code. The code consisted of a 3-4 second long beep, and then a pause, then another 3-4 second long beep. It did this over and over. I then checked the little code display on my motherboard and it was displaying C1. After looking around it seems that the code stands for some sort of memory error. I could not however find out what the continous 3-4 second long beep means.

After playing around with it some more, reseating my ram, letting it sit for a while. I made it to my desktop a few mores times, only for about 4-5 minutes though. This time it actually let me read the few blue screens it gave me. The first being "Page fault in nonpaged area", and the seconding being "Memeory Management". Then it would try to reboot and hang on a black screen, and start with the long beep code again, and display the C1 code again.

I am not sure if this is a memory problem, or a problem with the motherboard. During the POST screen, (When it actually gets to it, as sometimes it doesn't, and it hangs on the black screen with the beep code) it says that it detects 4 gb of ram, which is what I have.

For reference, I have :
Mobo : Evga Nforce 680i SLI board
Ram : 4gb of Corsair Dominator XMS 2 DDR2 800

I'm hoping if someone can perhaps diagnose if I should look into replacing my ram, or replacing the motherboard? A fix would be even better. Thanks for your time.
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  1. C1 and the Stop Error messages you've mentioned suggest a RAM failure. If you want to be thorough, download MemTest86+ from here . Navigate to the download section. Download the zipped .iso file. Burn the .iso file to a cd, using a disk imaging software, such as PowerISO, MagicISO, DiscJuggler, etc.

    Once you have the bootable disc, pop it into your optical disc drive and restart the computer. MT86+ will begin testing automatically and should stop testing at the first error detected. I suggest you test one stick at a time.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion T_T. I just started running the memtest about 7 minutes ago. Doing as you said, testing one stick at a time, in the first RAM slot. I left the room for those 7 minutes and when I came back, I seen I had 46k errors, wow...

    It appeared, on Test 6, at 31% on pattern ffffefff is where the errors started happening. From what I saw, it was flooding the area section with areas as it was testing up it seemed. I watched it go from about 808.1-9 to 813.1-9 until I finally shut it off.

    Testing stick 2 now, and so far it's made it past test 6, 31%. Will keep you updated, but it does appear to be a ram problem after all. I plan on testing the ram in other slots just to be sure as well.
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