2 different sapphire 5770's will it work in crossfire?

i have 2 different 5770's and i was wondering they will work in crossfire and perform the same in crossfire


and this one


they seem the same just different cooling solutions but will they perform like having 2 of the exact same in crossfire?
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  1. Yes, they will work together in XFire.
  2. Any manufacturers 5770 will work with any other 5770, you will be fine.
  3. Yes they will. As long as its the same model I.E 5770 it will work. I personally have one XFX 5770 and one Sapphire 5770 in Crossfire and they work great. Get it and enjoy!
  4. man quick response ok cool i was thinking i was going to have to rma one. but cool thanks my peeps Toms hardware Rules
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