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I am trying to Overclock my AMD Radeon HD 7660G. I want to get a bit more performance while maintaining good temperatures within my laptop. When I go to OC it using AMD Overdrive, there are 2 things that it says. It says IGP and then the 2 options are Target Speed and Current Speed. My Target Speed is at 685 MHz and my Current Speed stays at around 335 but can jump to 496 and 685 for about half a second. I do not know what settings to amp to get my OC done but I need help!
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  1. i would not recommend overclocking laptops as they have been designed to run at stock speeds to stay within the recommended temps. overclock and you might break something by overheating the internals
  2. as alvine said, overclocking a graphics card will create dangerous amounts of heat very quickly
    however if you are dead set of overclocking then the target speed is what will need to be changed, current speed variates automatically to compensate for how much work the GPU needs to do, the target speed is the maximum possible speed, adjust this if you must, however i recommend against it.
  3. i should say never try to fry an egg on ur lappy.
  4. do not even attempt this on a laptop

    <80 degrees celcius is a good temp btw
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