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I am interested in setting up two harddrives, SSD for system files and VelociRaptor for application files and games, as well as a third HDD for storage, but cannot seem to find much info about pros/cons as to how to do it?
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  1. What exactly are you asking about? The way I interpret your question, the answer would be set your SSD as the C:\, install your OS on it. Set your VelociRaptor as your D:\, install your apps and games on it. Then whatever hard disks you want to use as storage doesn't matter anymore.

    However my opinion is that it doesn't make sense to have both an SSD and VelociRaptor in the same system. VelociRaptors are for those of us who can't yet afford an SSD. I'm running a 150GB VelociRaptor on my system, I've got Windows 7 in it, a bunch of apps like photoshop and about 6 games in it. I've got about 30+GB left I think. I use a 500GB and 1TB as my storage drives.

    Instead of buying BOTH an SSD and Velociraptor, why not combine the cash and see if you can afford at least a 128GB SSD. Unless you want to RAID 0 two 64GB SSDs, anything below 128GB is quite tight on space. You can't have a whole selection of games to pick and choose, you have to focus on a few at a time.

    Personally I'm going to hold on to my 150GB Velociraptor for another 2 years till SSD prices drop to a reasonable level. The performance gains are insane just that I'm not willing to pay that much yet.
  2. you are correct and have clarified what I was trying to say.

    a friend asked me to build him a machine where he wanted an ssd for his OS, another drive for his apps/programs, and another one for his data/pics/movies.

    I have advised him such a setup is not neccessary and EVENTUALLY talked him down to two harddrives. as he wanted ssd and 2 raptors. he did not want to back out of having an ssd for his OS, so in the end it was the ssd and the velociraptor.

    i have installed win7 on the ssd and the raptor is there as a seperat drive. however, i did have an issue with the raptor appearing initially so all programs (actually keyboard, mouse, blurayplayer, i had installed onto the ssd as well, and now got the raptor displaying and working.

    wanted to ask, do i need to change those programs i had installed to the raptor drive in order for him just to have the OS on the ssd?
    would it be just a matter of changing the c:\ to e:\ (raptor drive) in the installatin path of the programs?
    should i maybe just change the Program Files from C:\ over to E:\?

    he just cares that the comp is optimal with performance.

    thanks for your help

    p.s. i too have a velociraptor with win7 pro 64 on it and have ofund i still have space for stuff, and when i run out of the space i was considering getting another 150GB VelociRaptor and setup raid0
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