Clock Settings, need help

hi guyz,
Im trying to figure out whats wrong with my pc atm. When i play games its fine for about 10 seconds then starts to lag, In apps or online searching its also slower then it used to be. Ive reset cmos so every things back to default and formatted.
Can any one tell me what the settings in bios are for my ram. I know its 4-4-4-15 but in bios do i set it out like this:

TCL (cas latency) = 4
TRCD = 4
TRP = 4
TRAS = 15
Commands per clock = auto

Advanced settings = all auto

is that correct? also im using 2 sticks of ocz reaper ddr2 800 and 2 sticks of ocz Platinum ddr2 800 (4gb total)
Are these 2 ram types compatable?

also as my MB is now all at auto/stock settings what eles must i change? ive read that my MB default settings are not always correct? is this true?
Any advise would be very helpful guyz, thx

win7 ult 64 bit
E8400 hyper 212 plus heatsink/fan oc @ 3.2ghz
asus p5n-D 750I
4 gig ddr2 6400x800 ocz reaper HPC
GTX260 sp216
ocz gamesXtreme 700W
320 gb HD 7200 rpm
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  1. First let's address your RAM questions. You do have the settings correctly identified and configured. I'd also set it to 2T. As for your voltages, ensure that you've manually set them to 1.8V. If you get BSODs, increase your DRAM Voltage by ~.1 until you've reached stability or 2.1V, which ever comes first. You don't want to set the voltages too high, as the risk of overheating is possible.

    The default settings on motherboards are usually failsafe settings. It isn't a matter of correct or wrong; rather the default settings provide flexability of hardware. This is designed so that you can do a plug and play with your hardware. While it is true that you don't have to configure your devices, like RAM, you should do it to maximize your investment. Kind of like buying a car to keep it in the garage; just doesn't make sense.

    Next thing to do is get into Windows. Open your task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). Click on the "Performance" tab, and then open the Resource Monitor (click on the button). Check for apps that are using high amounts of memory.

    Lag is typically experienced because of a lack of memory, not the settings of RAM. One of the known bugs with Windows 7 is the media player. The media player network plug-in, once started, continues to run and turns on with Windows. If you've recently used Windows Media Center, look in the resource monitor for "wmpnetwk.exe". If you find it, stop the service. You'll also want to stop the service from starting with Windows. Start -> type in "services.msc " then press Enter. Find the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and change the Startup to either manual or disabled.
  2. ok, i set the settings to 4-4-4-15 and after reboot it blue screened, so i booted again another 3 times and blue screen every time. i set them all back to "auto" and it starts up.

    Is the ram compatable what im using? reaper and platinum?
    Do i have a stick or 2 whats faulty?

    any ideas mate?
  3. Let's start from the beginning. Take a look at all of your RAM sticks. Write down the specs listed on all of your sticks. Do the specs all match?

    Now, go back into your BIOS and set the values to what you've written down. If the specs are not all the same, you have two options:

    1. Configure the BIOS to the highest voltage; the highest latency, and the lowest frequency (MHz).

    2. Remove one set, then configure the BIOS to the specs listed on the stickers.

    If you chose option one, you'll need to slightly increase your DRAM voltage. ~.1 should do.

    As for your compatability question, there is no definite "yes" or "no". RAM is infamously the most replaced component in any build. Manufacturers can't even guarantee that their RAM will work when mixed.

    I also recommend you download MemTest86+ and test your RAM. When performing the test, use one stick at a time. If you use multiple sticks, you'll have to guess which one caused the error.
  4. Could all this be the reason why im laggin ingame and slow in apps/surfing?
    also both sets of ram say 4-4-4-15, Is that what you mean by ram specs?
    the voltages are same as well. in nvidia control panel 1 set of ram as numbers:

    part number: OCZ2RPR8001G
    other 2 say: OCZ2P800R21G

    does that mean any thing or is that just the part number for stock?

    Also T-T thx for this help
  5. Lag is usually caused by two things: Bandwidth or RAM. You've mentioned slowness in apps (that don't require network, I assume) and gaming (this one, I'd imagine does use your network). The reason I suggested using the Resource Monitor in Windows is to find out what apps are hogging your memory.

    I also suggested testing your RAM, one stick at a time, using MemTest86+. Using this extensive test method, you can be sure that if there are any problems, MemTest will find them. The reason for suggesting this test is because with the manufacturers being used, there shouldn't be any reason why you get BSOD if the RAM in good.

    Now, if you have set your timings right, and you're certain about the voltage, adjust the frequency to match the stickers. If the stickers on your RAM sticks don't show what the frequency is, check the manufacturer's website.

    Basically, you have two options. Either leave all of your RAM settings on [Auto], or configure all of your RAM settings. The possible reason why you continue to experience the BSOD is because you may not have configured everything.

    Depending on the limitations of your motherboard, your settings should look similar to this:

    Frequency: 800 MHz
    Timing: 4-4-4-15
    Voltage: 1.8
    Command Rate: 2T

    Note: 1.8 V is an assumption. DDR2 can operate safely up tp 2.1 V. After that, you risk the RAM getting too hot. Also keep in mind, when mixing RAM kits, there is no happy medium; you must configure the RAM to higher voltage; the higher latency; and the lower frequency. This is where you have to make sure that the lower voltage RAM will be safe at the higher voltage.
  6. i forgot to say this as well.
    Some times i can start my pc up and play games not so bad and pc is kinda ok.
    other times i can start it up and it will lag.
    I will run mem test tho on all stick. How long do i need it to run per stick?
    i have 4 sticks so hope its not too long lol or it will take me days ;p

    Also i cant find any thing in resourse monitor thats hoggin me
    i could make a few screen shots of it and post them to show u every thing whats running in there
  7. That's good info. Are you sure that your system is recognizing the presence of all four sticks? Keep in mind that RAM isn't detected just because the stick physically occupies the DIMM slot. There is a chip on the RAM stick called the SPD, Serial Presence Detect. The SPD tells your BIOS what is in the DIMM slot. If this chip is damaged, your RAM may not operate like it should.

    Look at the Resource Monitor again, this time look at the green line graph. Does your memory consumption exceed 80%? If yes, then one at a time, stop the larger memory consuming services/apps. If no, ensure that Windows is detecting the RAM you have installed (minus any hardware reserves).
  8. ok. ive took 3 screen shots from cpu-z,
    slot 1 and 2 both give this reading:

    Slot 3 and 4 give this reading:

    Memory tab:

    my mobo as been all set to default but look at the timings, they seem to be messed up?
    Does this tell you any thing?
  9. When you load optimized defaults, your RAM settings are at [Auto]. Under this setting, the BIOS will have control over what the RAM settings are, but when you manually configure your RAM settings, you take that permission away from the BIOS by telling the BIOS what you want the settings to be. That being said, the timings are actually in line with the default range for DDR2.

    What happens when you use just the two Reapers in?

    What happens when you use just the two Platinums?

    What happens when you use one stick each, Reaper and Platinum?

    What happens when you use the other one stick each Reaper and Platinum?

    I suggest you get a notepad and write down your results. When you use the RAM in the above scenarios, use this configuration: _ _ | |

    Now do the same thing as above, but use this configuration: | | _ _

    You get the idea. There are a lotpossible combinations of using Reapers and Platinums by themselves a lot of possible configurations if you use one Reaper and one Platinum but this is a bit tedious. This is why I recommend using MemTest86+. Using MT86+ will very likely take longer to test, but it's automated. If errors are found, MT86+ will show you how many.
  10. {WWJD} What do you guys think I'm going to say about ---- Dual Channel with different sticks??!!

    I appreciate the BIOS rendition of disparity compensation of the RAM, but I would break the Dual Channel and try:
    {CPU} | A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 |
    A1 & A2 {each as single channel}; it 'may' work.

    Also, use 5-5-5-15-24-2T @ 1.9V - no guarantees.

    Doing it the correct way, return the RAM and purchase a MATCHED SET of that is either per Certified {QVL} or Tested per OCZ for 'your' MOBO.

    edit: Just noticed (2) sets:
    Set 1 = A1 + B1
    Set 2 = A2 + B2

    These sets are NOT the SAME CAS or Voltage as they 'should' be...
  11. omg, T-T i cant belive whats happerned lol.
    i used just the 2 sticks of reaper in slot 2 and slot 4 and now the lag as its either 1 of the platinum stick are faulty or both, or they dont like each other. but last year when i put in the platinum it all was fine so it must be a bad stick.

    I now need 2gb more ram, so what should i do?
    should i buy 2b more reaper and hope they work together
    or sell my ram and buy 2x 2gb of new ram?
    my mobo asus p5n-d only as 6400x800 support correct? so if i buy 4gb new what should i buy for best performance? is the reaper still one of the best or as some thing newer/better come out ?

    T-T Thx you very much, i hope i can help you back in some way in future, Uve been a real help.
  12. Pardon my late response. I always recommend against mixing RAM when possible; however, there are those times when people are either in a pinch or don't plan to upgrade for quite some time. Either way, mixing RAM, as you've learned, has its downfalls.

    My suggestion to you is buy another set of Reapers that match your current. If you cannot find matching Reapers, I suggest you buy a completely different dual channel kit. If neither one of these suggestions work for you, well, you can take your chances again by buying RAM that is the closest match to your Reapers.
  13. thank you very much for all your help T-T.

    thread now solved
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