Best $720 can buy?

Here's what i came up with. Looking for tweaks. I wish i could figure out how to link a newegg shopping cart...

USE: Web browsing, microsoft office type programs, Gaming (at least 1680x1050).

Note: Antec 900 is a definite. No change allowed. PSU should be Corsair. HDD should be WD.

Case: Antec 900 - $80

PSU: Corsair 650hx modular - $110

Vid Card: PowerColor 1GB 4850 - $95


MoBo: ASUS AM3 790X - $110

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2GHz - $160


RAM: G.Skill ripjaws 4GB ddr3 1600 - $105

DVD burner: Lite-on 24x dvd - $25

HDD: WD Blue 500GB

Total from NewEgg after discounts and $30 rebates = $721

Considering the mandatory Antec 900. How does this all look? I'm worried about the weak video card, but at $95 it seems pretty nice. I went with that processor because it performs as well as the e8400 in gaming, but better in every other computing task.

Thanks for your help everyone!
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  1. If you have a few more pennies and don't mind doing more than one site, this 5770 1gb is only $130 amir.

    Although that PSU/GPU combo is killer.
  2. this hdd is much better:

    even though it isnt WD, it is much much much faster, cooler, safer, quieter...

    next i would get this ram, it is better, and same price:

    get the 5770 recommended, you cant beat that deal...also, if you were me, i would look into these psus:

    those are all cheaper, just as high quality, and just as good if not better
  3. ares1214 said:
    this hdd is much better:

    even though it isnt WD, it is much much much faster, cooler, safer, quieter...

    next i would get this ram, it is better, and same price:

    get the 5770 recommended, you cant beat that deal...also, if you were me, i would look into these psus:

    those are all cheaper, just as high quality, and just as good if not better

    Mind If i ask you to clarify? Corsair PSU's have hundreds of ratings and they all state it is rock solid. I have used Corsair 520hx and 620hx in my last 2 builds and they havent failed me. They have a 5 year warranty. The ones you linked have no ratings, and the specs don't seem any better. Why are you PSU's you linked better than the Corsair I linked?

    Also, why is that samsung faster, cooler safer and quieter than the WD I linked? I really do appreciate the comments, but I do not understand how you came to your conclusion.

    It seems the 4850 performs just about as well as the 5770 on the bench's i've been reading, because of the gimped 128-bit 5770. Switcing from the 4850 that i linked to the 5770 would cost me $55 more because I lose the combo on the PSU and its $130 vs $95. I don't think the 5770 is $55 better than the 4850. But I may be wrong I guess.

    Thanks all for replies so far. please clarify those couple of things for me ^_^
  4. How does the MoBo and CPU combo I linked look? I think that might be the best place to trim money, but I don't know. I've never used an AMD system so i have no idea what to expect.
  5. The Samsung drive is faster, cooler, and quieter because it uses a single 500GB platter. The WD drive uses two 250GB platters. The higher data density makes the Samsung drive considerably faster while the single platter makes it run cooler and quieter.
  6. Hmm interesting. Its not in stock though.
  7. Where in the specs do i find out if drives are single platter?

    Also, anyone willing to weigh in on the Motherboard and PSU choice I have listed?

    lastly, will the 4850 last a couple years? The fiance (who this rig is for) wants to play dragon Age: origins, and guild Wars 2 when it comes out in 2011 (presumably).

    I figured if I'm gonna gimp the system anywhere, it should be Vid card, considering its the easiest thing to upgrade when you find some monster deal in a year or two.
  8. You don't find that information in the HD specs. You learn it from reading HD reviews/benchmarks.

    Your motherboard and PSU are fine, but you could save a little money on the PSU. You seem to have some strong ties to certain companies, but if you can get over that you can get a very nice PSU that's every bit as good as the Corsair one for cheaper.

    Antec TruePower New TP-650 650W 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply $99.95 - $20 MIR

    I would really try to do a little better than a 4850, but like you said you can always upgrade it.
  9. Assuming I keep the 4850, switching to the antec PSU you linked would only have me $10 total, because I'd lose the combo discount $20 with the GPU PSU.

    plus after my own research i like the concept of single 12v rail better, and Corsair and PCPC are the only reliable single rail PSu makers. From what i've found anyways.

    I really appreciate that you continue to comment in this thread. Its helping me go through each piece critcally!

    You think I should do better than the 4850 1GB, but the only other 2 options are a GTS 250 and a 5770. Both of those other 2 are at least $30 more. The GTS 250 1GB def performs better and I'm thinking about it (better luck with nVidia). The 5770 is $30 more at least but doesn't seem to perform much better.

    So I'm not sure what else to get. 4870 looks nice, but is $40+ more and uses way more power, plus they run hot it seems. Don't know.
  10. Don't worry about the single/multiple rail debate. All the PSUs in the rating you'll need are really just single rail that breaks up that main rail into sub rails with their own over current protection. Any of the PSUs suggested from the regulars/vets here are going to be quality and not an issue.

    Are you thinking this rig will ever go dual GPU? If not, a 500w GPU will still be more than enough. Still able to get a modular PSU, it opens the door for OCZ PSUs. They are less expensive than the Antec and Corsairs and still meet my minimum standards for good enough. 3year warranty with active PSU and good customer service. If you have a warranty issue, they ship you a new PSU (not reconditioned) while you send them the bad unit so they pass in the mail. Less waiting time.

    That saves the money to get a 5770. Sounds like you have a 1920x1080 monitor your looking to turn down to 1680x1050? The 5770 will let you run those games well at 1920x1080.

    If its a Corsair/Antec PSU & 4850 or an OCZ & 5770, I'd probably pick the 5770. Also, look at the OCZ combos. Some crazy deals there too with opticals and HDDs.

    The 4850 and GTS 250 have similar performance. The 5770 will have performance closer to the 4870.
  11. Any real difference between a AMD AM3 770 and 790X besides the ability to CF at some point?

    basically, is a regular old gamer (typicaly non Overclocker) going to notice any difference whatsoever between a 770 and 790X? If not theres another $30 I can save.

    Skora: I actually do not have a monitor for this system yet, once I decide on all the parts I'll start poking around for one. I had one pciekd out and it got discontinued so I Dont feel like doing that again. I'd prefer to get a 1080p monitor, but gaming at the lower res would be fine for her for sure.

    And woops I made a mistake. I meant the GTS 250 and 4850 and 5750 are all somwhat comparable, not a 5770. My bad. 5770 is $160 vs $95. eek. Is it that much better, bench's I'm seeing report about 20% better performance in games, but for 60% more money... unless there's a really nice deal out there on a 5770 that I'm not finding :(
  12. Hey need a quick answer to this one please.

    The $20 promo discount on the Antec 900 ends today. Anyone have a good reason not to get this case? The lady liked its looks, and I liked all the ventilation. My only 2 builds have used a Smilodon which has folddown sides (including mobo side) and tooless design. I know this Antec has neither of them. But are the benefits of the case worth it? Thanks!
  13. Yes, Antec makes excellent cases. You won't be disappointed with the Antec 900.
  14. Thanks shortstuff!

    I wish she didn't like it so much. Could save another $25 on a smilodon!
  15. When I spec out a gaming system, I start with the monitor cuz it drives the GPU which drives the CPU which drives the ram which drives the mobo and so on.

    If you're fine with lower res settings, then the 4850 1gb will fit your needs at 1680x1050. The 1gb 5770 for $130 I have linked in an earlier post would let her game at 1920x1080. You can make up that money by using a 770. For a non overclocker and single GPU solution, its a great fit. Really any AM3 mobo would fit the bill even with some of the older chipsets.
  16. Skora how does this deal look? It saves enough in the combo to basically give me a free dvd drive, but I don't know about the PSU...

    OCZ 600W modular and LG dvd drive
  17. Best answer
    OCZ makes good enough PSUs to pass my minimum quality requirements. I would consider that a tier 2 or 3 and one of the best bangs for the buck out there. Add it with that combo and its a thumbs up.

    While there are better PSUs out there, it should do the job you ask it to without problem. And if there is an issue, OCZ has some great customer service on their forums.
  18. Hey, quick question about the build.

    This motherboard:

    doesn't list DDR3 ram 1600 in the specs as compatible, but it does list DDR3 1866. Does that mean this RAM:
    will not work because it is DDR3 1600?

    Please help quick :)
  19. DDR3 1600 RAM will work just fine with that motherboard. The RAM speed ratings on motherboards means very little. That's just the max speeds the board is guaranteed to work at. You'll just need to manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the BIOS to get them working at their rated specs, but you should do that for stability anyway.
  20. Thanks for the blindingly fast response shortstuff.

    Which RAM is better in this forums opinion?
    OCZ black?
    or GSkill ripjaws?

    The OCZ is in a small discount combo with another part i might choose
  21. I wouldn't get either kit. I would get this DDR3 1600 CAS 7 kit for $115.

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM - Retail $114.99

    As a general rule, I've had much better compatibility and reliability luck with G.Skill than I have with OCZ.
  22. Here's my cart,

    CPU/Mobo combo If you won't crossfire, you can find a combo deal including a cheaper mobo with 1x PCIe x16.

    PSU/Case combo You can also switch out the case here for an Antec 300 Illusion/900. The Antec Earthwatts series of PSUs are great, wouldn't recommend any other PSUs from Antec though.

    Seagate 7200.12 HDD Go with the spinpoint f3 if you don't mind buying on different websites.

    ATi Radeon 5770

    G.Skill 1333MHz 7-7-7-21 Not sure whether 1333MHz 7-7-7-21 memory is any faster than 1600 MHz 7-8-7-24 though.

    All of this adds up to $690 plus $10 shipping.
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