PSU Fan placement and airflow question

Hello there all!

I just purchased this power supply and had a quick question.

If you notice the fan is on the top of the power supply, the way my case is setup the power supply is pinned up against the ceiling of my computer case. Should I cut a square out the top of my case? Flip the PSU upside down? or place it somewhere else? I want to ensure it has sufficient airflow.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would return that sucker if you can get your money back.....Ultra PSUs tend to be junk although I have seen the X4 rated decently.
    The fan should be facing down in a top mounted case to suck hot air in and exhaust it out the back. The fan would face up as in the picture only in a bottom mounted case. That is only a picture and not an installation guide. You DO NOT want to mount the fan intake against the case.
    Post your complete system specs and I would bet we can find you a high quality PSU for the same price or less.
  2. well, the psu is designed so that the fan is facing downward in a caes where the psu is at the top. in a case where the psu is at the bottom, face it up if there are no vents underneath and down if there are...

    anyway, i recommend that you get this psu
    its actually less expensive (on sale) but it has more power and is WAYYYY better wuality...
  3. Wow that PSU is way way way overpriced 650 watts but only has 38 Amps 12 volt rail thats horrible they got some balls selling that unit for $99.99.

    But yea mount it so fan faces down.

    Return If You Can the Corsair suggested above will be much much better and is cheaper
  4. yeah whats so special about a that mediocre 650w that the ycan sell it $100???

  5. I guess this is how they rope suckers in promising lifetime warranties "if" they register.
  6. Who cares about lifetime warrenty you can get a corsair 650hx for the same price and that has a 7 year warrenty which is more than long enough
  7. Hey guys thanks for all the replies and info, I made a mistake and it actually is meant to face down the picture threw me off. I appreciated the advice but to be honest im just too lazy to ship it back and get the corsair PS. However this one is working fine so far and I dont plan on doing much more to the Pc that requires more power. However in the future I am definitely going to consult you guys BEFORE I buy my stuff.. Cheers!
  8. Ok
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