Will this mobo bottleneck ATI 5850 ?

Hi guys i was planing to get SINGLE ati 5850 HD 1GB with no CF or OC plan ! with i5 760 CPU , Good Enough PSU , 4 Gb ddr3 1333MHZ ram . I choosed GA P55A UD3 for all of these hardwares (FOR SINGLE 5850 ) & i realy wanna see My 5850 get used 100% ! will that mobo be a Botteleneck for My new Hardwares ?
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  1. I don't see any reason that it would. The one PCIE slot should be good to go for that.

    What worries me more is the "good enough PSU," but if you feel OK with it, I guess that's fine.

    On a side note, I've rarely read of motherboards bottlenecking a single GPU solution, unless it's an old board, but I don't believe many have been able to saturate the bandwidth of even those (with some exceptions). There are some articles out about the 1156 socket being used and the x8 bandwidth of multi-GPU configurations making minimal difference, so you should be plenty good with only one.
  2. Your hardware looks great. I doubt that you will run into any bottlenecks. What resolutions do you play at? Higher resolutions puts more of the work onto the GPU and lower resolutions puts more work on the CPU in general.
  3. If you have one, it will run at x16, the max. If you put 2 in for Xfire, they would run at x8 x8, not the maximum, however x8 only costs a few % of performance.
  4. Oh DIPANKAR2007ind i am ready for that just COme to chat !

    I am using 1440 REZ , & wanna see all lags geting killed by i5 760 ( very power full CPU ) & ATI 5850 , but i worried if something will bottleneck my VGA like make it run at 8X then my wishes will go to hell ! WHat do u think about that SYSTEM at all !
    is it enough for 1440Rez ! ( will i see lag again )
  5. Ok man i have Computer TEST tomorow & wait for me Late at night ( but not so LATE , i should sleep soon )
  6. But please answer !
  7. At that resolution, you can crank up pretty much any game you want to highest details and breeze over 60 fps. The motherboard is certainly not a worry.
  8. THANKS a LOt !
  9. P55 chipset can support 3 way and 4 way crossfire or sli bottleneck is out of question the problem is the motherboard you choosen is running the 1 pci-e x4 so find a new one that was at list 2 pci-e running at x16.
  10. ^ he is looking for a non XFire solution.
  11. Which one ( asus or GIGA ) make better Mobos with higher speed options , technology & more quality ?

    ASUS P7P55A e or GA P55A UD3 ? according to my needs , which one is better to buy ?
  12. Quote:
    Which one ( asus or GIGA ) make better Mobos with higher speed options , technology & more quality ?

    ASUS P7P55A e or GA P55A UD3 ? according to my needs , which one is better to buy ?

    Havent i already told you this before?
  13. deweycd from one point of view maybe you are right but watch the point to have a pci-e running in x4 ? It could be smaller and they can use a pci-e buss to the Southbridge chip witch is faster and wider.

    8vidia why don't you look the specifications of the motherboards in the web pages of assus or gigabyte? As you may notice P55 chip set is the same in these 2 motherboards and they have small differences to cover the most type of needs the quality is more or less the same i like gigabyte more couse they are more stable.

    What I usually do is to read the introduction of a motherboard in the developer web page, i see the specifications if it coves my needs then i download the manual to see mode details, I may search a review in the net to see it better and then i search if they have it a local store.
  14. In specification ( every thing is fine ) both have good Explansaions & almost same features ! But some one come & tell me about PCI slot issue , thats the time that doubts come in . & no one from that time SOLVE that doubts from me . why cant u easily answer ? u say many words bring many sites Whereas u easily can say : yes i will , no it wont , if u do this then yes , if u do that then not .
  15. i've seen the specifications of the motherboard ga-p55a-ud3 and in there:


    # *1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIEX16) (The PCIEX16 slot conforms to PCI Express 2.0 standard.)
    # *1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x4 (PCIEX4)

    read more careful, One day maybe you will thank me, it happens to have a gigabyte motherboard and gigabyte site i visit often to see for updates, i was in i took a look that was it.
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