How to connect 2 monitor and 1 TV to 1 PC?

I'm trying to extend 2 1080 LCD monitors and 1 1080 LCD TV to my PC. The video card I'm using now is ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series and its got 1 VGA 1 DVI 1 HDMI port. I was told that I'll have to purchase another video card but I'm not sure what kind I can choose from and how to set it up. Do I need the exact same card or at least same brand? I've heard that I'd have to modify the bios setting to make it work can anyone explain? thanks
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  1. Theoretically, using a card from a different brand is possible. If you want consistent color levels on all monitors however, I'd suggest sticking to the same brand, if not the same kind of card.
  2. I dont think you need a tv tuner card if you just want to extend the desktop to your tv, another 4000 series card would cost you alot less, unless you are interested in using some of the features on that all in wonder card (record live tv and such).

    I dont think you need to install two sets of drivers, according to the release notes of 10.2 the 4000 series and all in wonder hd series are supported by it.
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