MB: P67a-G45

Recently updated my bios to the latest version, boots to windows just fine.
I just got my liquid cooler and was looking to OC my cpu more.
Yesterday I restarted and pressed "f2" to get to my bios, I got the Windows Boot Manager screen.
I did another restart, pressed "esc" this time, got Windows Boot Manager.
Did another restart, pressed "f8" and it booted straight to windows, no boot options...
If I press "f8" with a windows disk in or usb it will boot to it... but I'm not given any options to choose.

I reset my cmos (twice now). Nothing.

Any help would be awesome because I'm feeling pretty helpless at this point.

Thanks. :hello:
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  1. Have you tried tapping the Delete key during boot? :) Most motherboard default to Delete key along with any other key that they make available. Try booting up while tapping the delete key.
  2. Wow. :pt1cable:
    Problem solved.
    Certainly one of those moments when I feel like a complete dunce.
    Thank you!
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