Tri channel ram what to get?

so this is my MOBO

and i am unsure i will be getting two of both.

this is my first choice

or this one

please note price this will be a gaming PC with dual GTX 480's and an intel i7 950 Bloomfield
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    Go with the tighter timings on the PIs, you can easily overclock those PIs to 1600 like the patriots.

    That is, if you don't care about another 6 gigs. You didn't mention what you prefer. In this case it would be size over speed.

    If you wan't better speed (not by much anyway) go with my suggestion.
  2. Interesting?!

    I'm more on Best Practices {Knowing vs Guessing} with RAM. I look at the Certified RAM {QVL} MOBO Mfg then I look at the Tested RAM - RAM Mfg configuration.

    So to correctly answer your question - I need the following:
    What MOBO?
    What OC with the i7 950 are you aiming for?
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