Is my E6600 holding my 5850 back?

My Setup is rather old, but held up thus far. I recently upgradet it with a light oc'ed 5850.

Asus p5k deluxe
E6600 2.4 ghz
Corsair cm2x2048 pc6400 (got 8 gigs in total)
XFX 5850
Thermaltake thoughpower 850w

When i compare 3dmark06 scores of my pc and gfx chart here on toms, my card performs 30-50% under toms chart.

Is my CPU really holding me back that much? Is it tie to gor for new MB/CPU/RAM and get a i7
PC is used for gaming and bluray. No video editing etc.
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  1. It's likely. I saw noticeable gains when I just changed my E6600 to a Q6600. 5850 has some horsepower, if I was you I'd try to snag up a Q6600 G0 since you have a solid 775 platform as it is.

    I'm not with all the i7 hype unless your main use is 3D rendering or crunching numbers. It wouldn't make any sense to build 775 now, but still. i7 is a beast, I just don't see it's use in *most* real world scenarios yet.

    It's all dependent on your budget and needs. I'm cheap, and my Q6600 @ 3.4 gets a better 3DMark06 score than a stock 920. Of course, you can always clock the i7, just sayin.
  2. I miss my e6600 had great times with it running 8800gtx in sli. Yep your e6600 is holding your vc back. If you dont want to invest big bucks then your option is q6600 or e8400 but make sure that your motherboard supports the e8400. Other wise i5/1156 setup would be best for your 5850. You can get a very good set up for $500 and it would be a nice investment and would give you good benchmark numbers.
  3. Have you ever thought otherwise? Would your 5850 be holding back your e6600? In fact, should you run your current cpu with a 5970, the performance would be better in games, wouldn't it?
    The real question is: given the fact that you had a e6600 system with and old gpu, spending around $310 on the gpu was the best move?
    The answer is yes, possibly: e6600 is still a decent cpu that can be overclocked easily to some 3Ghz. Besides, up-grading the rest of your system would take some $500 (i5-i7 cpu, 4-6Gb of RAM and mobo).
  4. Well, i knew that the 5850 would not perform at its best. But i was not expecting it to underperform by 30-50%

    Even if I get my e6600 to 3+ghz, will it get my gfx above 90% of its potential? If not, i might as well upgrade.
  5. It's hard to say if you'll make it to 90%. Keep in mind that tom's benchmark systems use an i7-975 overclocked to 4Ghz. It's not easy to beat that.
    Again, my advice is to overclock you cpu (you can easily get to 2.88Ghz if your RAM DDR2 800Mhz) and enjoy.
    Of course, if you have the money, the sweet spot seems to be now the i5-750.
    As I said before, however, it will cost some extra money.
  6. Money is no issue, but i would never pay extra to get a few inches extra performance. One of the reasons i didn't get the 5870. I'll guess it comes down to i5 or i7.

    I'll have to do some researche on that. I havn't really followed component evolution since i build my current machine.
  7. I7 is too much for any gamer unless you're looking for literal maximum framerates. I5 is the sweet spot for gamers, decent stock speed with 1GHz overclock capacity (if you know what youre doing) and DDR3 memory. If money is not an issue then do consider an I5 setup. A 5850 is better than a GTX 280 which is what i have, and i can play MW2 at 1080 with all settings maxed going at about 90 FPS (60 effective). If you really want to save money then go for an overclocked I3 build (ive seen the top I3 chip run at 4 GHz on air).
  8. By now iv'e done some reading, and decided on a i5 750. And i'm going with 2x2gb ddr3 1600 with decent timings.

    I am a little bit unshure on the motherboard though. I am pretty shure to go with a gigabyte board.

    Currently i can run MW2 maxed out with 80-90fps at all times. But still, Borderland for instance only runs 45 on average maxed out. I know its just a console port, but still.

    What board would you recommend. Shoud i go for USB3 etc. Or save some money and just get a controller when the time/need should arrise?
  9. I'd personally try to get a board with 3.0, it depends on your needs. If you don't have many external storage devices, you might be better to wait.
  10. @Jack_attack

    what's up with charter lately? I just ran a speed test because I saw your sig and got 28Mbps down. I'm paying for 10...
  11. I'm not entirely sure. I've read here and there that since being so close to bankruptcy, they've made some changes. I see they have 60Mbps now in certain areas too.

    I was talking to my cable guy since I just moved, and he said they're basically letting out more bandwidth to existing customers since they have it available. I was paying for 20Mbps, it's been bumped up to 25 recently for the same price and usually get around 30. If you check on their website, you're probably not paying for 10 anymore, probably 16.
  12. O snap, that's awesome.
  13. Whoa, hold on here. Have you checked with something OTHER then 3Dmark? As I recall there is a CPU score in there that will effect your final score. Of course the overclocked i7 CPU will have a greater 3Dmark score.

    A better way to check is with actual games. Try running real games and see how far you are behind. The general consensus on this forum is a dual core CPU at 3GHz or better is all you need for gaming. Your e6600 should OC to 3GHz pretty easy. Run a game benchmark or two to see if you get near that 90%. I would be willing to bet you'll get close.
  14. I have build a new system, and my gfx score almost doubled. (i just excluded the cpu benchmark)

    And by the games i am playing, i can see a big difference.
  15. So what did you build?
  16. Oh sorry, i wrote it in another thread. Thought it was in this one.

    I changed to:

    i5 750 @ 3.2
    asus p7p55d-e pro
    Corsair dominator 2x2gb ddr1600 cas 7
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