Need to add 2 network printers

Hi there everyone

I'm trying to add 2 network printers to this current configuration...

Qwest modem > Feeds Linksys Wireless AP > 2 Clients connect through wireless

I want to change it to the following:

Qwest modem > 5-Port Switch > 5 Port switch feeds 1) Linksys AP 2) 2 clients 3) 2 network printers

Is this setup okay? As long as the network printers are configured to a static IP will my clients be able to see them? What IP should I set them to?
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  1. I am assuming either you get 2 IPs from your provider or the Qwest modem handles dhcp.
    If the modem handles dhcp then yes how you have it should work. The printer IPs will need to be in the same subnet and IP range of the 2 clients. Do an ipconfig from a CMD prompt to find your ip addresses IE:
    If your isp is giving you two IPs then I am not sure at the moment.
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