Questions (upgrading grahpics)

So I'm thinking about buying this card but I have a few questions first...

First things first I know basically nothing about computers/grahpic cards so go elementary for me thanks.

Right now I have nvidia geforce 6150 SE integrated :heink: ....will I see a big difference upgrading to the 8400 GS? basically just want for WoW (which right now I have to run on lowest settings and low res and still get weird jerky frame rates sometimes) dont play any games like mw2 or crysis on pc or watch movies so I'm not looking for a top of the line card really...

I have 32 bit...will this card still be ok? does having a 32 or 64 bit even make a difference?

Says on nvidia site the card has a maximum power draw of 71 watts? Im not sure how many wats my power supply but im guessing its 250 or 500. Comp is a few years old. heres some specs (leme know if you need more)

amd athlon x2 4450e dual core 2.3ghz (vista)
3gb memory
250gb hard drive

And is there anything else I need to know to make sure it will fit and work for my comp?

Thanks for any answers/tips!
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  1. what is the name of computer? I'm assuming its store bought so it should be something like a Dell E530, HP1567, etc.,

    what size monitor do you have? 17 inch, 19, 20, etc.,

    what is your budget?

    the card you linked is better for work related graphics rather then gaming
  2. FYI, video on upgrading a graphics card. Its rather easy to do so dont worry about it
  3. Its a compaq presario SR5710Y

    Monitor is an old 17inch acer that ive had forever.

    looking to spend under 80 or so becasue like I said im not really looking for a top of the line card.
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    they pretty much screwed you with your 250 watt power supply

    about the only card you can run is the 4550, its far better then integrated graphics or the 8400GS.
  5. hmmm ok thanks alot.

    that card seems really good for $45 (at least from the reviews and some stuff I read off google)
  6. you have 250w PSU and although the 4650 does not draw a lot of power....250w would be cutting it razor thin

    you can try the 4650 just hold onto the receipt
  7. ah ok...

    yea i think I would rather get the 4650 becasue of the fan although my frame has alot of vents on it still wouldnt want to risk frying stuff. seems from the reviews that card gets really hot and its not so great for gaming although will still do...found a 4550 with a fan but it doesnt seem as good as the others with no fan so ill probably go with 4650...might get a new power supply but ill see how it goes first.

    thanks alot.
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