Important Hardware Choices to Make

Hello guys,

This forum has recently helped me alot in making my choice for my first ever PC. The Currency I'm going to be using is SGD or Singapore Dollars where SGD$1.00 is equal to US$0.71.

I am about to get the items for my new build, but I can't seem to make up my mind on some products. I am free to accept any opinions or changes I'll have to make, my budget is below SGD$3000.00 or US$2143.77.

Motherboard Choices:

ASUS P6TD Deluxe: SGD$568.00
ASUS P6T Normal: SGD$448.00

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R: SGD$350.00

MSI Eclipse: SGD$598.00

Graphics Card Choices

MSI HD5850: SGD$468.00

Gigabyte HD5850: SGD$466.00

Chassis Casing:

CoolerMaster HAF 922: SGD$238.00
CoolerMaster HAF 932: SGD$285.00

Power Supply Units:

ThermalTake 750W: SGD$298.00

CoolerMaster 650W: SGD$185.00

RAM Cooling Systems:

3x ThermalTake Spirit RS: SGD$39.90

3x ThermalRight HR-07: SGD$38.00

Random Access Memory:

3x Kingston 2GB DDR3-1333: SGD$219.00

3x Corsair 2GB DDR3-1600: SGD$385.00

Hard Disk Drives:

Hitachi Desktar 3.5" 2.0TB (32MB): SGD$378.00

WD Caviar Green 3.5" 2.0TB (32MB): SGD$328.00

2x Hitachi Desktar 3.5" 1.0TB (16MB): SGD$188.00

2x WD Caviar Green 3.5" 1.0TB (32MB): SGD$188.00

Cooling Systems:

CPU: CoolerMaster v8: SGD$158.00
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  1. Motherboard
    Asus P6T will be fine - there is very little difference between the two ASUS boards you have mentioned

    Graphics Card
    either will be fine - for the sake of 2 dollars.

    Chassis / Case
    HAF series are very goods cases, but the Antec 1200 is equally impressive.

    RAM cooling
    I wouldnt watse your money - RAM with no HSF or cooling often works just as well as those with fancy cooling

    where possible it is better to have 2 x triple channel kits - as they are designed for the i7 and X58 chipset.

    Hard Drives
    Fastest 3.5 SATA drives at the moment = Samsung Spin Point F3's that come in 1TB so two of those - often they are cheaper too

    Cooling / HSF
    Coolermaster V8 or Titan Fenrir would be good choices

    Power Supply
    if you can stretch your budget then stick to Corsair
  2. +1 everything Ulysses said, especially no on RAM cooling. RAM doesn't get terminally hot, and I'll second the CMV8, it's a great cooler.
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