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Hi I am having problems with my front panel audio. When I have my speakers plugged into the rear port Realtek HD audio manager pops up asking me to assign a task to the front panel mic port. This keeps coming up and is making using the pc a pain because it gets in the way of whatever program I am using. I want to keep using front ports but how do I solve this problem? (i have noticed that in the Realtek program it shows the front mic jack as having something plugged into it, there is nothing in either front ports.) How can I tell if my panel supports HD audio or is AC'97? Is there any way of telling if the cable is a AC'97 or HD cable?

Motherboard: Foxconn H55M-S
Case: Novatech Galaxy 3
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    99.99% of the front panel connectors are stereo; if you only have a single 3.5mm plug then it's stereo R/L 2-channel.

    Regarding the pop-up, more than likely if you disable the Realtek start-up app that will go away, otherwise 'it seems' that you preferences are not being 'saved' {corruption} - therefore, you can D/L and install a new driver + App -

    Open your Device Manager to properly identify your model; there too you can right-click to "Update Driver."

    Good Luck!
  2. It still does it despite updating drivers and program. It looks as though the connector connected to the frontpanel is AC'97. without having a manual for my case I can't work out which wire does what so it might have to go to a shop to see if they know what codec it supports. I have searched the internet for days but cant find out what colour wire does what. It's annoying because it is nice to listen to music while using the PC but can't because of the front jacks wanting retasking ever few seconds. It seems strange how to program shows the mic port as active when it is empty. Why would this be?
  3. ...disable the Realtek start-up app...
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