2500K no longer as capable

Hi guys,

I've got a 2500k, that about a year ago I had running at 5Ghz fine. I believe my core voltage was 1.45V (I think) & I know that pretty much everything was on auto, apart from the voltage being offset (I had offset mode not manual) by a certain amount. I started getting blue screens after a couple months of running it at 4.8Ghz, and pretty much set it back to stock.

Quite recently I've been doing a lot of heavy processor loads for work and OC'ing really is beneficial (Simulations take a few minutes each), so I've tried overclocking but can't even seem to get the chip to 4.7Ghz. Ramping up the V's aren't making any difference. Got Cpu spread off, VRM fixed at 400Khz, load line calibration @medium, CPU current capability @120%.

I'm wondering why now I can't seem to even get close to my previous OC? The only things that really have changed are the addition of an SSD rather than HDD. And my RAM is now in dual channel mode (2nd & 4th slot - cpu hose blocks 1st slot, but I did try with 1st & 2nd slot previously).

I was wondering if any of you could shed some light as to why prime95 throws errors in blend test? Did I maybe damage th chip when running @5ghz? Or could the cause be due to my memory?

For reference;

CPU: I5 2500K
MoBo: Asus P8P67 Pro
GFX: AMD HD 4870 - probably going to get a 7950 soon
SSD: Samsung 830 256GB
PSU: Seasonic x550

I WC for silence, but my temps are also great @4.5Ghz OC the CPU runs at 60C (with my fans all on 5V, at 12V temp = 48C)
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  1. It could be anything really. But if I was to have to guess, I'd bet that year of 1.45v did a number on that processor. I personally wouldn't take my SB over 1.4v for any reason. I'd play slowly with it and see what happens. Like I said, it could be anything, but my guess remains with the voltage being so high for so long just did a number on the chip.
  2. I would say that you simply pushed the chip too hard and now its a bit burnt out. 5Ghz is a big overclock and 1.45v is a lot of energy running through that chip.
  3. Yeha I appreciate that... I actually managed to get it to 5ghz after posting this... I find overclocking intel a tad more confusing than amd! Basically I had to reduce the offset, and increase the load line calibration to high. I reset the fclock (autotune changes it) and then had a fiddle ended up with 102.1x49

    Anyway tuned it back down
    Runs 4.8ghz @1.42V 66C after 1 n half hours of prime blend

    Ill probably see how low I can drag the volts tomorrow. Below 1.4V would keep me happy exactly as you said!

    I'm no longer too worried about the life of this chip as I will be upgrading to haswell and the extra Hz saves me a fair bit of time when running simulations.

    Thanks anyway guys
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