DVD/Bluray drive wont play dvds?

Bassically had a mare building my first pc took ages to get working but now it does (kinda)
yesterday i tried to play a dvd when my friends came over as my monitor is far better quality than my tv
bassically i put in the dvd and it didnt come up and start playing
i tried loading the files into VLC player but it wouldnt play
it just shows two folders


if anyone knows what is wrong please help
(have made sure the cables going to the back of the drive are plugged in correctly)
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  1. Don't you need 3rd party player software ???
  2. What do you mean like vlc ? i dont understand why it isnt working no cd came with it /
  3. I never had vista (if that be yer reference) but in XP you definately need a 3rd party app to playback DVDs ... I just guessing it may be the same deal with BR.

    There may be some sort of freeware, online, like IFRENVIEW (or however you spell it.

    = Alvin =
  4. Ah i see well thats kind of lame selling a drive which claims to play dvds and blu ray only to have to purchase a third party piece of software in order to do so
    Thanks alvin,
  5. Is it ifranview ? downloaded it and the plugins and it still opens the dvd as Audio and Video _ts and doesnt play it ? confuseddddd
  6. That IS the program I was talkin' 'bout ... don't throw it away ... very handy anyway.

    B U M P !


    = ALVIN =
  7. Irfanview ?? ("r" first) ...

    There are players out there. Yeah, lame ... don't know if that is a "MS monopoly" issue or what ... Sometimes it pays to buy RETAIL version of drives to get software. OEM assumes no included SW, tho it is often included anyway.

    = Alvin = Anybody got the simple scoop on this ?
  8. Shomeone please helpsssssssssss, i want to watch lots of girly films..... jokes.
    just seems pointless buying a player that doesnt play doovds,

    and seeing as i ave no moneysh i cant afford to purchase some softwarez
  9. Check tech support at the drive site and read all the reviews for your drive to see what other owners are saying about that ...
    ... I'll do it for you. later tonite (maybe) ... I should know this (definitively) anyway.

    = Al =
    let us know if you find anything out ... I am watching this thread.
  10. It's odd because VLC's web site states you shouldn't need any additional codec.

    Supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs


    -Wolf sends
  11. Can you send an eMail support request, to the vendor ??

    Start taking notes ... conditions .. messages ... trials.

    Send me a link to the product page and read over your OP on this thread ...
    ... Are you telling us everything you can ?? Anything to add ??

    ... Give me any links you can scrounge up ... product serial# Model# ... Which cntrlr it is hooked to (or port) ... etc.

    = Al =
  12. bassically, downloads this zoom player trial, cant play the dvds in it but now it opens with wmp but the screen size is tiny,
    the drive is here

    still wont play blu ray just says file type not supported

    the site Overclockers have offered terrible support and i never want to talk to them again they have made this ordeal far far far more stressfull than it needed to be , plus they have overcharged me twice for returned goods
  13. Well,
    In your shoes, I would either return for refund or take the issue up with the manufacturer (if you have time (30 days) ) . . .

    never even heard of that brand. Pioneer or LG ... Plextor ... Go for a RETAIL drive and you will get sw ... NOT OEM.

    = Al =
  14. PS:

    I have read, many times, that, for watching bluray, you should get a dedicated player (stand alone) or a PlayStation3 ...
    ... I plan to BURN BR so I will go for an OEM Pioneer or LG. But I will need to acquire SW to support.

    = Al =

    logging off for 5 hours, now ... later.
  15. alright can play dvds using win dvd 2010, but says bluray is not supported ??
  16. i have a ps3 but its just the fact that i would like to have a component which actually does what it says on the tin like ?
  17. BR "not supported" ... By the app? ... or is the app sayin't that the hardware is "not supported"?

    I keep thinkin' all you need is the appropriate app. Can't you get a simple answer from the maker?

    = Al =
  18. now i have reinstalled everything on the computer due to some errors, and now it just doesnt recognise any dvds at all
    help :(

    using powerdvd9 aswell to see if that would work after talking to the company who i bought it from
  19. WTF??

    I wish I could be of more help! Can you send it back and try a Plextor Retail or something?

    = Al =
  20. lol now it is working after about 12 reinstalls of everything, but it really wasnt worth the effort of getting it to work blu ray play back using power dvd 9 is disgustingly horrible in quality no difference to dvd , and i was told that dvi cables doent do much of a image improvbment.
  21. Yeah ... I've read that, for playback, a dedicated player or PS3 is really the way to go ... I do not know why, other than that the SW sucks, thus far.

    You can burn HQ BR just fine ... with a wide variety of SW products.

    I have not yet "attended/witnessed" a super good demo of BR HTPC playback ...
    ... as for my own content generation, ... I have been authoring/acquiring in HDV (Canon HV30) and outputting to H.264 25Mbits/sec 1080/30P CBR-2Pass >> .wmf ...

    ... Windows media files can be way better than BR (if rendered at extreme max) and they are just more portable and easier to transcode and strip audio, etc.

    ... Lottsa Luck !! ... I think things are gonna "smooth out" (SW -wise), around xmas time.

    = Al =
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