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Ok...maybe the thread title doesn’t make sense...
English is not my main language so bare with me in case of mistakes...

The last month I have "lost" 2 pen drives and 1 external HD. I’m assuming someone at work or at home is stealing my, here is the question:

Can I "hide" some kind of program in my pen drives or HDs so that when someone uses it I know it? Maybe even a "virus like" program so I can see "where" the things are?
Ill assume you know what I want...
So, can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Yes, this is possible. No, you probably aren't going to get help doing that kind of thing here. This is actually becoming a fairly common attack with hackers putting a virus on a USB stick that executes automatically when plugged in. They then leave the USB stick in some public place where somebody will find it, take it home and infect their computer.
  2. You are right...didnt thought of that...

    Im not a hacker...if i were ill be a very stupid hacker asking this kind of questions here...but yes, you are right.

    Guess ill have to google my solution.

  3. Yeah, I don't think you're a hacker, but there's a pretty firm stance here on not discussing anything shady. I'm sure Google would happily provide you all the information you need ;)
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