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Help with esata connectors to ext HD box


I have a Asus P5Q3 mobo and want to attach an Addonics ext box with 4 HD bays in it via 1 esata cable from PC to the box.

I am told I need a JMicron Controller JM363 which the board has but I think only from the orange connector.

I am really confused as to what I need to do, for example in Bios etc., so that I am using the JM363 for the ext box.

Also I guess it is obvious I use only the orange cable in the orange slot?

Here is some text about the mobo which may or may not help..



The five red SATA ports are electrically connected to the ICH10(R) Southbridge with the sixth present in eSATA form, located on the board's back panel.

A JMicron JM363 host controller provides an additional two SATA ports (orange), capable of RAID 0, 1 and JBOD operation, as well as a single PATA port for legacy IDE hard disk or optical disc support.

Integrated power and reset momentary tactile switches can been seen in the corner of the board.

The lone green LED is the only indication that the board is powered - be sure to pay attention to the state of this light whenever removing or inserting any components.
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  1. The text tells you that there is an eSata port on the back panel. That is the port you need to connect an external HDD box to your pc.
  2. Yes... thanks..

  3. Well changed the Addonics box to another version which allows indiv hard drives not as RAID and it works fine now.


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    no problem, glad to help.
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