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What should i do: Last week i went to a Big ass computer parts swap in the city of Toronto Ont..And they were giving away a couple door prices to bring in the people & lucky enough i won a OCZ Vertex 3 ssd 120 Gb not bad its a 150 dollar bonus...Ill take it .But what should i do with it my motherboard is the Asus maximus formula DDR2 & its only has 3.0 GBp/s sata connection and i dont feel like upgrading just yeat..Mind you the ssd is also backward compatible from 6 GBp/s to 3.0 but is it worth my while what kind of performance can i still get out of what i have...If my parts determine the performance like i said i have the Asus Maxumis Formula special edition DDR 2 with the intel Q9550 with 8 gb/s of OCZ Reaper 8500 1066 Mhz also i should mention the OS is Windows 7. If I did install the drive would it still be much faster then my 2 WD 10,000 RPM Raptors in raid 0...should i keep and install or put the ssd away till i upgrade some day..????
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    SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's are backward compatible with motherboards that are only SATA 2 3Gb/s capable. There will be a bit of a perfomance hit but most of the time you will not notice it. The Vertex 3 will still be faster than a couple of Raptors in a RAID array. Go ahead and install your new ssd. In the meantime start saving for a new motherboard.
  2. Good least i know it can be done...will i'll keep what i have for one more year then a upgrade is in order..Thanks
  3. Plus let me complement you on your hi status with Tom's Hardware...
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