New motherboard, still no video

Hey guys, I've encounter a problem with my moms pc, and for God sake i cant figure out whats wrong.

I had an old foxcon AM2 board on it, along with 2GB stick Gskill memory and a phenom quad core.

last week i unplugged the pc to dust it off, i use napkins and kind of took the visible dust off nothing major, close the side panel, didn't even unplug anything inside, connect everything back and no video, so i though oh well motherboard die, because the keyboard would also light the Num lock and 2 other lights, so nothing plug to the back panel work, so i bough a Biostar board, MCP6P M2+ and still no video, i don't have a gpu to try, also i have try my Gskill 2gb stick and my OCZ reaper 2gb stick, both 800mhz, the motherboard, the new one and old one both capable of 800mhz, the memory work fine on another pc, the only thing i haven't tested its my cpu, its a quad core phenom, the old one, not phenom II.

what can it be, its a new motherboard, i also get no beeps, i cant figure out anything, any help its appreciated.
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  1. I suggest you take the board out of the case. Do a bare post with cpu/heatsink, onboard video, and one stick of ram. You can even post a photo of the board with wires connected for visual troubleshooting. I use a plain screwdriver to start up by touching the pins for the power switch. You won't get any beeps unless you connect a simple speaker to the 4 pins on the board either from the case leads or a separate one that comes with some new cases; beeps don't occur with the speakers connected to the rear speaker port.
  2. yes i am aware of the case speaker i do have one connected to the 4 pins on the board
  3. I suggest you reseat the video lead and ram and check your monitor plug connections; also try just one stick of ram at a time. One may not work with the biostar board. I've used 2 of those boards, and both worked fine. I bought two or three of them when frys was offering combo specials. Also be sure your cpu heatsink fan is plugged into the correct port next to the cpu.
  4. Does it show any signs of life?
  5. Motherboard is fine, probably the Foxcon that i first replace is too, it was a dead processor, idk how the hell a processor die, but sh&t happens.
    I slapped my 955 and it booted right up, so that means my 9850 is dead.
    the 9850 its retailing for 70 bucks on the egg, i guess im gonna go for a dual core, i don't think my mom is never gonna use anything more than that, im gonna go for this
    inexpensive and allows me to get it right away.
  6. Thanks for the update.
  7. im not going for a phenom x3...

    AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma its a dual core, from the 45nm, its not even that old i think, kuma family of processor didnt came put that long, any ways, i cant go wrong for 42 bucks free shipping
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