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I have a Dell precision 490. Today, when I turned it on it won't boot. It gives me a message of:

"LGHYF is compressed"
"Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"

Any thoughts of what could it be?
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  1. are you sure it wasn't "ntldr is compressed"?
  2. Nop...

    This is the exact error
  3. According to Dell there isn't an error like that!
    Are you 100% sure that that is the exact message? :)
  4. Yes, exactly how it's written above!
  5. Just to clarify, you get this whn your OS starts to load up right?
    Can you get into SAFE mode?
    If you still have the original OS and you got a restore disc perhaps you can try that if not try to run a repair on it.
  6. Yes, the "7" screen doesn´t even appears. It's a message (same style as NTLDR) but with LGHYF.

    Pretty weird, no?

    I don't have the original CD with me but I will try to run a repair on W7, maybe it will work...
  7. One more thing you can try. If you can get to the boot menu choose "repair your computer"
  8. I cant even get to that screen..

    I have the w7 DVD now, I'll try to repair from it
  9. nothing... It says that there is nothing wrong with startup
  10. Knowing your situation with an "unexisting error" your only option is to do a system restore, but that way you might lose your data.
  11. Not even a system restore it let me do..

    I had to format it! I had my data on another partition. Thanks anyway ;)
  12. Sorry to hear that! In all fairness it was quite an unknown error message :)
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