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Newbies questions about Water Cooling

January 7, 2013 8:14:56 PM

Hello. I have been thinking to fully upgrade my old peace of sh** PC. Like buy everything new.
The main thing would be: 3570k OCd, 7970(GHz) maybey, asrock extreme4 z77, corsair cx 600 psu and define r4 case.
As you probably already saw that this is on the Water cooling forum, and yes. I would love a water cooled PC. I have in my local PC part store this EK ready set with 240 rads and so on..
So, are the ready kits terrible or is there just some parts that are needed to buy again or is it complete good set?
Also about the rad, I have thought the from of the R4, tho if it doesn't fit.. I'm up to an other case. So, I appreciate all replys and help of any kind. And lastly, budget for PC is about 2000$ PLUS Water cooling.

Thank you :bounce: