Recently upgraded cpu. Computer won't start.

Hi, I recently upgraded my processor from a celeron D to a intel core 2 quad q8200. I am certain that my motherboard is a LGA775 socket so the cpu has to work. When I put the cpu in, I got a black screen, no beeps from my computer and no lights on my keyboard.

When I simply assumed *I must have fitted it wrong*. I tried numerous times and no success so far. I decided to put my old processor back in the computer. Logic told me "there must be a fault in the cpu". But when I tried to put my old one back in. I get the same results.

I took the ram out to see if I could get a beep from my computer. Still nothing, this is while the quad core cpu was in.

Any help of any kind is welcome.

My computer is a ACER SA80 *It's old I know* :)
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  1. Well, just because it's socket 775 doesn't necessarily mean that it will work - the older chipsets such as the Intel P965 for example do not support Core 2 CPUs. Other chipsets support Core 2 CPUs, but only the 65nm versions. As for your problem, I'm surprised putting the old CPU didn't work either - you may have bent a few motherboard pins while replacing it. Otherwise I wouldn't really know sorry.
  2. It's a 45nm, When I did some research around the web nobody said anything about this. Thanks, I still need help finding why won't my computer turn on.

    I am getting the fan to spin and the computer light does work but by the sound of the computer. It isn't doing anything.
  3. Put the old cpu back in, reseat heatsink using thermal paste ofc, try clearing the bios and see if you can get any joy,
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