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I have a D-link DSL-2740B. Now i am not anymore using ADSL as we got fiber and 100/10 net on that. The D-link is replaced by a Inteno with fiber connection, wlan and 4x ethernet. . As i need more ethernet lines and hope to use a faster n-type WLAN as the D-link had, i wonder if it is possible to configure the DSL-2740B to act as a switch and wlan station if i connect one of the ethernets to the Inteno box? If that is possible can i use the firewall or nat features of the D-link?

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  1. Yes, hook a line from the inteno to the wan port on the d-link. You will be able to assign it it's own dhcp range if you want or just turn dhcp off and let the inteno handle it.
  2. What do refer to with "wan port" in this case? The d-link box has a adsl port and 4 ethernetports.. Previously the wan connection was through adsl and not ethernet..
  3. Just hook the cable into a normal switch port. I am not sure though if the wireless will work or not. Test and see.
  4. Won't work with cable internet since there's no WAN port.
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