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Hey, I've never had to return a part that I got from newegg, and I need to return my ASUS gtx 550 ti, because it doesn't work anymore. I got it for Christmas. The only problem is, my dad had to bend the metal backplate of the graphics card in order for it to make connection on my mobo. Does that void the warranty? How do I start the process or shipping it back.
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  1. It may or may not void the warranty. If anything I'd call and talk to newegg and see if they will handle the return or if you need to RMA through ASUS. You may have to RMA with them and that usually isn't hard to do. Either way, call newegg and they'll point you in the right direction.
  2. if you had to bend parts for it to fit into a standard motherboard and case, then it was probably faulty anyway
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