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I have Desktop System Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80 GHZ and with Intel desktop Board, and currently using windows xp
I have seen many errors after a improperly shutdown , i have re installed the OS twice but the problem exists

My all System USB Ports are unable to identify any usb device , it does not detect any device attached, or not identify any of the devices, but when i connect any portable usb hdd it (HDD displays Power On) but windows cannot detect it

Secondly When i try to install drivers using the autorun desktop board cd , i got the error "Current System is not an Intel Board" But If i install the drivers setup files manually it installs successfully
I am getting error in Device manager in the processor sections for Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I have installed Bio Agent Plus and get the following

BIOS Date: June 12th 2008
BIOS ID: 63-0100-000001-00101111-031308-Chipset-0AAAA000
BIOS OEM: BIOS Date: 03/13/08 17:38:29 Ver: 08.00.10 - PRG3110H.86A.0052.2008.0612.1910
Chipset: Intel 29C0 rev 16
SuperIO: Unknown
Manufacturer: Unknown
Motherboard: Unknown

Please Advise me and help me in this matter
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  1. I have found the Board series on MotherBoard its DG31PR Series board , i have downloaded the lastest bios update flash and run it .... its restarted show "Preparing update" after the "Updating" it was hanged and still worked for 10-20 min and then restarted on first step without showing "Done" or completing ....

    Now the system is out of display ... its beeps 3 times and then dont display anything.....

    Now is there any thing .... please help me in this matter
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