Overclock vid 1 35 voltage 1.09

Hello, all, I have just done my first overclock from 3.4 -4.0 mild overclock. i lowered my voltage a bit and it seem to be running 0.98 -1.1. temperatures are around 65.
The problem is with the vcore so low the vid is 1.35 when i overclock and run prime. Is it ok to have such a low vcore and such a high vid im confused?
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  1. also when i go back to stock settings, the vidd drops back down to 1.15, the only settings I am changing in the bios are clock speed 34-40 and the fixed voltage down to 1.35
  2. I have turned off turbo boost, and my vid has gone back to normal, is turbo boost usually disabled when overclocking every guide seems different sorry for asking so many stupid questions, new pc gamer comming from consoles :P
  3. You provide 0 information in your post to help you with. Don't know what CPU, motherboard, or BIOS settings you are using.
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