E6750 and DG41RQ compatibility

hi guys, i am planning to upgrade my computer.i have fixed my sight on a new ati hd 5770 card with a 500W cooler master psu.however i stuck on the motherboard issue.i have a intel c2d E6750 2.66Ghz proc which i will be using.however i am stuck between choosing between a nforce 630i and intel DG41RQI mobo.will my cpu be supported.i know the 630i has a pcie 1.0 slot but i know my older cpu will be supported.but will it run on the intel mobo.i couldnt find the revision no of the intel mobo.i have no problems with running my gc on the pcie 1.0 cause i will upgrade both the cpu and mobo again.thats whi i am going for these cheap mobo options for now.but my question is will the intel mobo support this older cpu and if anyone could please tell me the rev no of the intel board.thanks for any help
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  1. The Intel DG41RQ supports the E6750 as you can see in the following link.

    All you need is the 0007 bios version installed.
  2. thanks a lot
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