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I'm new to this site but have found it super useful lately. I'm having troubles with my system crashing lately and its only during games and not even under heavy stress, sometimes during loading. I don't get any errors just the screen goes black and I get a sort of electrical humming for 10-20 seconds then nothing. The computer and fans are still running normally but no response without hitting the power button. I auto overclocked with ai suite II and its set at 3.8 and I've been trying to restore to default to no avail. My system is

Amd Phenom II x6 1100t 3.3
asus m5a99x evo mobo
8gb corsair vengance
650 watt corsair modular
pny 560ti
windows 7
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  1. How long have you had this computer for? And what video card do you have? Do all games cause your video card to crash or just some?

    Off the top of my head I would say

    1. Possible driver issue. When you try and start a game, the video card really kicks in and then falls on its face from a corrupt driver or something. Have you installed new drivers recently?

    2. Possible over heating if you're video card is demanding electrically. Is it an old video card? Are the fans covered in dust? Is your case well ventilated? Is the room your computer is in hot? This seems like a less likely case, but still worth looking into.

    3. Possible bad hardware. But if the video card was bad, Windows wouldn't boot nor would you get anything on your monitor at all.

    4. Possible bad video card seating. Try taking the card out of its PCIe slot and putting it back in making sure its secure. Also, make sure the power connector is secure also (if your video card needs it).

    5. Possible something else entirely. This scenario seems like its the fault of the video card, but it's possible I'm barking up the wrong tree. Keep that in mind.

    I hope I could help and good luck.
  2. Well I agree it sounds 1 a gpu 2 a ram problem just to eliminate a cpu problem could you run prime95 and then use memtest for ram
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