New CPU fits into motherboard, but the lever won't fold down. (AMD)

Hi everyone... first build here, so I don't know much. Anyway, I just bought a Asus M4N68T-M motherboard with a AMD Athlon II X2 255. When I pull up the lever, the CPU fits in (with the two triangles matched up), but the lever won't fold back down, staying upright. I meet resistance if I try to push it past 5-10 degrees. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Some resistance is normal. If the cpu is flat against the socket, then you're ok. When the lever goes down, the socket holes lock down the cpu pins; that's the source of the resistance.
  2. I agree with oldie, however I would make certain the CPU is completely in the socket. This is important because if you bend pins, that is a nightmare that could ruin your CPU.
    If its not locking down, don't force it. Remove the CPU, check alignment again and ensure it is flush with the socket, then try to lock it in.
  3. +^ as long as the CPU is flush with the socket your fine. You will get that resistance, just push the arm down until it latches. Good Luck.
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