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Gentlemen and ladies, I present to you two HDD questions. A customer who's brought me computers and other electronic devices for service before, recently stumbled into the shop and presented an idea. He had 3 older towers (all of which are from the mid 2000's) and asked if I could build him a computer like my work tower. Which is known locally as "Frankenstein" because of the use of parts from all different pc's. I said if he had the parts and a little throw in money for extras like RAM and such then I would do it. Well once presented with the towers I got confused because all of them work but he didn't know if they "worked like they were supposed too?" so, I stripped them all out, picked the tower in the best shape and inserted the newest ASUS mobo with the best configuration (RAM, and expansion slots being at a premium). Well, long story short I got the thing built with 3 HDDs, 2 DVD drives, and 1.5GB of RAM. But, if the Slave drive is plugged into power the computer will have a fit upon BOOT. So, I unplugged it and proceeded installing Windows7 (he asked specifically for it) and going about my day assuming the drive is dead. So, to my questions.
After installing the "bad drive" in my Frankenstein tower, the drive will boot as a slave but then says either "There is an error with Windows", or "Drive failed to Boot Properly". I can't get it to do a damn thing, should I run it as a Master drive (it is IDE/PATA), or just say **** it and destroy it, which I think would be kind of a waste since it is basically brand new.
Secondly, the other hard drive I installed (SATA 160GB) as a third drive just so he'd have a little more storage is not showing up anywhere, not the BOOT menu, no my devices, nor in My Computer. Suggestions on where to look for it/find it?

Thanks sirs and madams.
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    If it's PATA, did you check the jumpers on the drives to ensure they're correct for your master/slave configuration?
  2. tokencode said:
    If it's PATA, did you check the jumpers on the drives to ensure they're correct for your master/slave configuration?

    Well, I thought about that on the PATA and checked it before I posted this, and got the messages listed in my initial inquiry.
  3. i resolved this issue myself with a combination of mass profanity and threatening to kill this computer with a hammer and fire...thanks for the suggestion tokencode...the help as always is greatly appreciated.
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